CarryOn Airflow Carrier, Charcoal Silver

Specifically designed for toddlers and growing children, the CarryOn opens the door to countless adventures by allowing caretakers to comfortably carry little ones up to 60 lbs. Whether it's a hands-free piggyback ride through a crowded amusement park, or easy access to spaces where strollers and wheels simply can't go, the CarryOn's taller back and wider seat keeps you and your child comfortable and ready for wherever the day takes you!

What is the difference between the COMPLETE™️ and the CarryOn™️?
The CarryOn™️ is designed for larger children up to 60 lbs. It has a roomier panel and more adjustability in the straps for a comfortable fit as children grow. It can be worn on the hip, the back or facing in, in 3 positions (compared to the COMPLETE™️’s 6 positions).

How do I know if my child is big enough for the CarryOn™️?
The CarryOn™️ body is taller than the COMPLETE™️ with the neck support clipped up, and wider in the seat by a considerable margin. We recommend using it with tall/large toddlers and older children only, and suggest waiting until your child is at least a 2T pant in leg length.

Can I use the CarryOn™️ with a child under 20 lbs?
The CarryOn™️ has been safety tested for children between 25 lbs to 60 lbs. The infant insert cannot be used with the toddler CarryOn™️.


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