Complete Airflow DLX Carrier Shibori

Don’t let a warm climate get in the way of your cuddle time! The Complete Airflow DLX offers extra breathability and comfort, with soft padding, easy adjustability, and airy mesh construction for the ultimate in comfortable cool. The full-body breathable mesh design provides the maximum breezy comfort for you and your little one.

How do I clean my COMPLETE™️?
All COMPLETE™️ carriers are machine washable - just toss it in a cold cycle with a gentle detergent and hang to dry!

What are the weight limits for the COMPLETE™️?
COMPLETE™️ carriers can be used with infants and toddlers 7-45 lbs, and do not require an infant insert.

Can I wear my COMPLETE™️ with the straps crossed?
Yes! All of the COMPLETE™️ carriers may be worn with the straps crossed or parallel.


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