LILLElight Carrier

Simple sophistication for everyday convenience. With a modern design, LÍLLÉlight™ will be your grab and go carrier. Made with organic cotton and natural hemp blended fibers, you’ll feel the elevated quality and comfort the moment you tie it on. Ergonomically designed to fit sizes XXS-XL and grow with your child from 7-36lbs.

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LILLEbaby LILLElight

EASE OF USE – Simply tie the waist belt and buckle the strap. Perfect for you to grab on-the-go. Folds easily into a bag or purse. 

NATURAL FABRICS – Made of organic cotton and natural hemp blended fibers. 

COMFORT – Designed with padded shoulder straps, tie waist, and premium fabrics 

Is an infant insert needed with this carrier? No

What age range would use the infant pillow? Infant pillow is required for Front inward fetal position, approximately 0-2months/7-12 lbs.

How do the faux leather accents hold up duringthe washing cycle? All fabrics and trim accents passed thorough testing,including durability during wash cycle.

What is the age requirement for back carry? There are two requirements for back carry: Baby must be 6+ monthsANDwhenbaby can sit unassisted.

Does baby need to be able to fit “wide seat” for back carry? Since there is only one seat width, baby must meet requirementsfor back carry. Baby must be 6+ monthsANDmust be able to sit unassisted.

What is the weight limit? 7-36 LBS

Does this carrier work well for plus size parents? Petite? This carrier was designed to fit XXS-XL with the waistbelt tied in front.

Does the knot have to be tied in the front? As long as you can tie the waistbelt properly, in a secure knot, you can tie thewaistbelt wherever is most comfortable

What is the length of the waist band? 107”

What are the wearing positions? Front inward fetal, Front inward, Back carry

Can you carry a newborn? Newborns 7+lb smay be carried in front inward fetal (with infant pillow) or front inward with legsout (no infant pillow)

Do you need an infant pillow to carry a newborn? Infant pillow is required for front inward fetal position only

What is the fabric made of? 55% Hemp/45% Organic Cotton (River, Driftwood, Pebble,Shibori, Riverwood). Denim is made of100% Cotton

How is this different than the Complete carrier? LÍLLÉlight is a cross between a Meh Dai and a buckle carrier with threepositions instead of six. Additionally, it has a tie waist rather than a buckle waist.

How do you store the hood when not in use? You may leave it attached or remove it completely when not in use.

Are there any pockets? No, there are no pockets on this carrier

Do you have to keep the straps crossed? Yes. Because one strap is fixed and cannot be disconnected, this carrier must be usedwith crossed straps.

Why is one shoulder strap fixed? The right strap is fixed to help maintain an ergonomic fit and provides increased safety when inserting or removing baby from the carrier.

How do I prevent red marks on my baby’s legs? From time-to-time, carriers can leave compression marks (like our socks do)that appear slightly red and typically disappear within 15-30 minutes. These are not harmful or painful for baby. You should always take precautions to protect baby’s delicate skin by having baby wear pants or long shorts that come past the knee while in the carrier. If pants are not an option, you can drape a soft cloth underneath baby’s bottom to prevent the carrierfrom rubbing baby’s legs while in the carrier.


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